2/04/20 28/06/20

The power’s back, thankfully. I think that might have been the single most uncomfortable thing that’s happened to me- I already don’t like the dark all that much, and being stuck in it for hours…. Ugh.

I shouldn’t get hung up on that, there’s far worse things that came out of it than the lights going out… Everything was all dusty outside of the saferoom when Dr Miro finally let us outside, and the flowers in the vase in my office...aren’t doing great :(. I don’t think they can really be saved at this point, which sucks- Flora gave me those! Said she saw them while going for a walk outside and she thought they’d look good in here. And she was right! They do. Well, did. They’re kind of dead now, as I said.

We can’t even go outside anymore now- it’d be too dangerous, what with that last dilation. That’s what the higher ups are saying, anyway. I don’t really want to risk getting myself killed over not believing them and trying to get out- not that security would let me do that. As much as I love my job, being able to take a break and see the outside world sometimes was nice.

I’ve got my research to keep me busy, at least. If any of those taking part still remember me. This has been a pretty big setback.

And I have Animal Crossing. God, I’m going to have a lot of weeding to do.