I think we’re out of sync with them now. I don’t know.

We had another powercut, so I just decided to go back to my room and try to sleep through it. Flora ended up waking me up, she looked really worried and I didn’t understand why.

Apparently I  hadn’t left my room for a few days? Even though the clock on my computer said I’d taken a 2 hour nap. I think the building itself got out of sync. The tech team are working on fixing things though, Flora said. They're sending people outside to get the computer clock systems working again.

The whole dorms had been messed up, but I was the first person she checked on. She really cares about me! I really care about her as well- I don’t think it’s the same way for both of us, but…

Enough about that.

Everyone’s been staying in the common room until things are sorted, but Clover and Mia are nowhere in sight…

I hope they’re okay. Clover’s such a sweet person.

I’ve split the survey results into 2 groups.

Group A: People in good places! Definite candiates.

Group B: Not great, but viable.

I was going to make a group C, but  I realised there’d only be the outlier in it… I’ll keep them in mind, but I won’t continue the survey program with them yet. I deleted the survey I made for them for now.