It’ll be time to use this soon. Dr. Miro’s set up our connections, so I’ll be able to begin my research into this potential new place. 

But for now, there isn’t really anything for me to do >:[. There aren’t any more people to interview now, really, and I’m not allowed in the more… sciency areas. I’m mostly happy about being the primary at the moment- taking part in our most important research is always fun- but eventually you get tired of reading newspapers from 5 years ago, y’know? 

I’m pretty hopeful about this one! We’ve gotten a lot of connections- everything we’ve seen so far has been pretty much dead. But here, I’ve gotten responses already, without even having to directly contact anyone! It caught me off guard a bit, I wasn’t exactly fully prepared haha, but it’s good motivation to get going and finish making the survey!

This could be the one. I’ll begin contacting people as soon as my computer’s connected to their world wide web.