I asked Lamia not to tell the rest of the staff the full extent of the impact of the latest dilation- it’ll only make them panic. The blackout itself already scared people enough.

We’re losing survivable land outside of the facility. Not that we know what the actual new safe distance is yet- for now nobody’s allowed outside, just to be safe. We just know it’s less than it was before- and probably shrinking at a faster rate, even if it’s still slow. 

That’s… worrying, to say the least. We’re running out of time.

In brighter news, M-B1 has been much more docile than usual lately! That’s easier on the staff, and since we can’t keep in contact with our suppliers at the moment, less of a strain on our supply of tranquillisers. Even if it spending most of its time just… staring at the security cameras… is unsettling for the security staff, it’s keeping it busy.

Askelson’s having doubts about the project- not Exodus, the project. I believe I’ve calmed those little worries for now. We all have bigger things in mind, don’t we? This is all for the greater good.