That worked better than expected! M-B1 is still very hostile, but I’m sure we can turn things around. We’ve disposed of Sundberg’s body- we’ll tell her family there was an incident with lab equipment, and she was cremated on site to prevent contamination. It isn’t completely untrue. And Dawson’s receiving medical treatment- it’s odd that it didn’t kill her, now I think about it. It looks almost like it started attacking her then stopped...

As I write this M-B1 hasn’t woken up from sedation yet. Plenty of time to be returned to the containment chamber.

I had to give Askelson a mild bit of discipline for posting the logs to the archive again. I’m considering giving him a lesser role in the project- we need calm heads here, no attachment.

Even so, he’s trustworthy- he wouldn’t dare go against Kismet, considering the alternatives.

Not noticing too many changes with M-B2 yet.

Ah! That’s it. We need M-B2 to trust the employees- some attachment can be allowed. I’ll move him to lead that side of this project.

He’ll agree. As far as he’s aware, he’s working towards a cure for her.