A Notice To All Kismet Laboratories Staff.

In response to the recent malfunction of EXODUS 1.0, the staff safety guidelines have been rewritten:

General Guidelines

  • Keep a analog timekeeping device on your person at all times.

  • Please refrain from leaving the laboratory building unless requested to by a higher member of staff. This is for your safety.

  • Remember to replace your ID card with a updated card with the current date prominently displayed as early as possible in the day.

  • Detecting Significant Dilation

  • If your analog timekeeping device noticably slows, contact a member of technology staff as soon as possible.*

  • If your analog timekeeping noticably speeds up, contact a member of technology staff immediately. The Priority Message option on internal communications is intended for this purpose.*

  • Watch your analog timekeeping closely as you pass through any doorway. If a change is noticed, go back into the room you were previously in. Contact a higher member of staff via Priority Message as soon as possible.*

  • Interacting with Others

  • When encountering other members of staff, check their ID cards before approaching:

  • If the date is inaccurate, or the card itself is missing, contact security.* Do not make any sort of physical contact.

  • If a member of staff that looks like yourself is encountered, do not approach. Alert Security immediately via Priority Message and make your way to the designated saferoom.*

  • If the other appears to not be a member of staff, ask them to identify themself. While they are occupied, Security will be on their way. Please leave the room as they enter, and return to your quarters.

  • Thank-you for co-operating. Contact Head Scientist Dahlia Miro if you have further questions.

    (*Does not apply in the lower labs and around the staircases and elevator leading to them. Please keep in mind that this area is strictly forbidden to be entered by those without proper clearance.)