[Beginning of recording.]

P. Farling: Recording starts. This is Assistant Researcher Penelope Farling, conducting an interview with witness Joseph Graham. Age 34, former employee of a private aircraft accident investigation service.

J. Graham: Are y’all [expletive] seriou- [Witness coughs.] -serious? I’m sick. You’re keepin’ me cooped up in here to deal with that, and as far as I’m aware it ain’t standard medical practice to do your checkups at this hour, ma’am.

P. Farling: I won’t keep you for too long, sir. Just a few questions, if you don’t mind answering them.

[Witness is silent for several seconds]

J. Graham: Eh. Sure. It’ll be a change of pace from staring at the ceiling and coughing my guts up all da- [Witness breaks into a coughing fit.]

[expletive]. That was a big one...

P. Farling: Do we need to raise your medication dose?

J. Graham: Not sure if it’d help at this point, really. I’ve seen what happened to Dave.

P. Farling: Very well. Anyway, we should continue with the interview.  Could you give a concise description of everything you witnessed on the fourth of February 2015?

J. Graham: I don’t speak smart people, lady.

P. Farling: ...Tell me what you saw.

J. Graham: Alright then. Might want to take a seat, it’s a long one.

P. Farling: I’ll be alright, thank-you. Please begin.

J. Graham: Mhm. So, I was pretty busy. We were still dealing with a pretty nasty wreck, and I was put on black box duty. So [expletive] boring, I tell you. You know what’s gonna happen. Jack [expletive] for a good 5 hours then a scream and then nothing. Tedious. I was lookin’ for a newspaper or something like that to read while I listened when Dave- you’ve seen him, a coworker-  burst in. He looked… confused. Not scared or anything. Just a little confused. So I say “Another bad one?”

P. Farling: And how did he respond?

J. Graham: He just shook his head. “We don’t know yet, Joe. A flight vanished on it’s way to New York, passing over here. Nobody noticed any noise or anything. It just lost contact with flight control in an instant.”

P. Farling: Please continue, Mr. Graham.

J. Graham: You don’t need to keep reminding me. So we get kitted up, and head out to the helicopter- God, using a flying vehicle to get to a plane crash feels odd now I think about it… Whatever. You wanted my disappearing plane story. You get that.

P. Farling: Did anything unusual happen on your journey to the crash site?

J. Graham: Mhm. All the navigation tools stopped working. So did our radio- it went from ground control to just static.

P. Farling: Do you think this may have been a reason for the accident?

J. Graham: Yes, definitely. Faulty equipment or a dead signal zone aren't too interesting, but they're definitely a big cause of crashes. This case hadn't been anything out of the ordinary. Not yet, at least.

P. Farling: "Not yet?" What made it different later on?

J. Graham: As we were flying over, I got this weird feeling. Not good, not bad, just… wierd. But hey, no time for superstition, we're at the site. So I look down at the site, to see if I can spot it, and…

[Witness is silent.]

P. Farling: Mr. Graham? Could you tell me what you saw when you looked down?

[Witness is silent.]

P. Farling: Mr. Graham?

[Witness is silent.]

P. Farling: Would you be able to express it through drawing it? 

[Several seconds of silence pass.]

P. Farling: Ah, good! I'll find something for you to do that...

[Sound of rustling paper]

P. Farling: There you go, Mr. Graham! Take as long as you need.

[Sound of pencil on paper.]

[Sound of liquid dripping onto paper.]

P. Farling: I- The bleeding's started again. I'm going to get the nurse to manage it, okay? Continue your drawing until I get back.

[Sounds of pencil on paper]

[Sound of coughing.]

[Sound of intense coughing.]

[Sound of splattered liquid.]

[Thumping sound ]

P. Farling: I'm back, Mr. Gr- Mr. Graham? Joseph? Are you alright?

[Nurse screams.]

P. Farling: [Radio crackles] Code Black in containment chamber three! We need emergency medical and decontamination personnel as soon as possible, room contains-

[Recording ends.]