New year, new logs! I’ve archived the old ones for now, so we’re starting fresh.

This season I’ve put Farling in primary- I can tell she’s running out of things to do, so she’ll be highly motivated when she’s given a task. We’re close to connecting to somewhere new, so we’ll need to survey to see if it’s viable. She’ll easily be able to convince people to take it. 

And we definitely need to find somewhere viable. Time is running out.

We brought in a few subjects today. Twin adolescents- the similar genetics could be useful in comparing the effects of different exposures. Not that everyone’s getting back to work yet. For now they can adjust to the containment chambers. One of them was injured when we brought them in, and both of them were quite weakened. This project needs fit and healthy volunteers, they’ll need time to recover. Poor dears, the outside hasn’t treated them well... 

I’ll write again when we begin.