“Can we go home yet?”

“Not yet, dear. We still haven’t been able to contact your parents.”

“They’re dead. Stop pretending they aren’t.”

“St-stop saying that-”

“We promise we won’t stop looking yet, little ones. Stay patient. For now let’s focus on this week’s health examination, okay? You’re both doing a lot better, but we need to make sure you’re healing up nicely.”



“are you okay? you’ve gone really quiet…”

“m’fine. i just don’t trust this.”

“what’s “this?” the checkup?”

“any of this.”

“but they’ve only been nice to us! they’ve helped us when mom went away-”

“i can’t explain it. i don’t trust any of it. have you seen anyone other than the tall lady and the guards?”

“someone came into my room. he looked a lot like dad.”

“what did he do?”

“he said he was sorry, and that he was asked to check on me.”

“what was he sorry for?”


“i don’t know”

“M-B1, come with me, please. You’ll be examined one at a time.”


“M███████. Come here.”



“be safe, okay? i love you.”

“sis, you’re saying that like i’ll never see you again. i know you don’t like doctors, but-”


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